Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

Dave Castro

Episode Summary

We are excited to be talking today with CrossFit Games director Dave Castro. Dave is such an amazing guy. He became a Navy Seal in 1998 having dropped out of college his first semester. Dave became involved with CrossFit hosting the first Games on his family ranch in California. The popularity was more then even he could have imagined.

Episode Notes

Dave Castro - Director of games for CrossFit, Navy Seal, film producer, athlete. What can’t Dave Castro do. On the podcast today we talk to Dave about his upbringing. How he decided to become a Navy Seal. What lead him to being the director of CrossFit Games. He shares with us his favorite and least favorite exercises. He talks to us about what it is like to be hated and loved in the role of CrossFit games. We learn a bit about his strong beliefs, and moral standings. We hope will enjoy learning what makes Dave the motivated, innovative, honorable man that he is.