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John Paul DeJoria

Episode Summary

Today is John Paul DeJoria. He is, of course, one of the co-founders of Paul Mitchell, which I used as a kid growing up all the time. Those amazing black and white bottles, we had the giant pump ones. And I always knew that I was using a really great product. And John Paul commented on how lovely my hair is now. So I'm sure that has to do with how well I've been taking care of it since a young age. So I thank mom and dad for buying really good hair products! Man, I'm just going to say that we took a lot of unexpected turns in this conversation. I absolutely loved it, but did not expect certain things to come out. Like stuff about aliens and Integratron drawn out at Joshua Tree. We went all over the place. But fundamental about John is his immense positivity and his love of giving back. And not just giving his money away but to help build things for people. And he some great stories about what has happened as a result of those ways that he's given back and how people have gained their strength and become more independent. A fantastic guy. Just someone that you just want to be more like.

Episode Notes

John Paul DeJoria’s inspirational rags-to-riches success story exemplifies the American Dream. After high school and service with honors in the U.S. Navy, John Paul did whatever it took to make ends meet—from selling encyclopedias and working as a janitor to pumping gasoline. He was even homeless at one time. Eventually, John Paul took his talents to several hair care and cosmetic companies before becoming an independent consultant. That’s when he teamed up with his friend Paul Mitchell and $700 to launch John Paul Mitchell Systems.  The rest is (purely American) history.