Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

John Wineland

Episode Summary

Today we are talking to John Wineland. He is a teacher and speaker in the area of embodiment and intimacy. He teaches us about the feminine and masculine roles and traits in all of us. We talk about the struggles and frictions within those traits. We learn how to work with these energies for a successful intimacy outcome. John shares with us some practical tips for us all to try with our partners, to get the most out of enjoying our time together. We dive deep into the topic of sex. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Episode Notes

John Wineland has such an important talent for teaching a topic we all avoiding talking about, sex. This interview opens up you mind to what is available to learn at his workshops FOR THE FEMININE: Learn to communicate and master the full embodied expression of your heart’s deepest desires in a way that evokes passion, presence and fierce love in your partner. Learn how to fill your body with pleasure and yearning that occurs as an irresistible gift to the masculine. Own your desire to be cherished and ravished in an unabashed expression of your heart that is magnetic. Master the art of feminine responsiveness that will evoke deeper consciousness and sexual polarity in any moment. FOR THE MASCULINE: Learn how to penetrate your relationships and the world from a place of depth, embodied integrity and love. Cultivate the physical strength and meditative practice that will allow your nervous system to hold massive amounts of sexual and emotional energy. Learn the arts of sexual and relational leadership through the embodied transmission of your core masculine essence. Learn how to make your partner an ally in your eternal quest for freedom.  

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