Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

Jordan Syatt

Episode Summary

Jordan Syatt is a trainer and a big name in the fitness community. And he’s is funny as all get-up on Instagram! He makes fantastic videos. He has alter egos. He wears wigs. He's hilarious. So we laughed a lot. But for sure, we talked a ton about fitness. We talked about feeling like the title of the show should be "don't be an asshole", because that's kind of his theme is life. And everything in moderation in general. It's common sense. Things like, “If you're not in a caloric deficit, you're not going to lose weight.” Stuff that we know, but kind of don't we want to hear it. So he puts it straight to us. Tons of fantastic info if you're interested in fitness and food at all. You're going to love this.

Episode Notes

Jordan is the founder of Syatt Fitness.  He is a 5x World Record Powerlifter and a Precision Nutrition and Westside Barbell Certified coach. He works at giving people the knowledge and confidence to incorporate the best training and nutrition that suits their lifestyle. Syatt Fitness’s motto is “Never Minimal, Never Maximal, Always Optimal.”