Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

Marcus Samuelsson

Episode Summary

World-famous chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson recounts his incredible journal from Ethiopia to Sweden to become one of the most innovative and respected chefs in worlds. From his base in Harlem, Marcus is not only creating great food but giving back to his local community...and how diversity, food, and community are helping Marcus grow as a person.

Episode Notes

Marcus Samuelsson is a fantastic chef based in New York City. Marcus was born in Ethiopia and grew-up in Sweden. So he is so inspiring from a cultural perspective. He can speak many languages, and he can understand many more. He is a very diverse guy. And we talked a lot about the challenges of that. We talked about how it also helps you grow. We talked about traveling and getting to different parts of the world and how we're more alike than we are different. And then we talked about giving back to the community. And he's doing some really cool things around getting back to the community and local neighborhood and supporting each other. And I hope you find it inspiring because I did.