Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

Suzy Batiz

Episode Summary

Today we talk to the hugely inspirational Suzy Batiz. Suzy is the founder of the globally successful, toilet smell removal oils, Poo~Pourri. We talk about Suzy’s journey that would surprise anyone, on how you can turn your life around. How you can turn “Poop” into a bed of roses. Suzy was on a path of one problem after another, until she started investing in her own spirituality. The results are astounding.

Episode Notes

Suzy Batiz founder of Poo~Pourri is with us today. Suzy created a perfect combination of essential oils to work effectively at eliminating toilet order. This company which she started herself, and never took outside investment is now valued at over $500 Million, and is 100% owned by Suzy. If this is not astounding enough, wait until you hear the rest of her story. Suzy is a survivor of poverty, sexual and domestic abuse, depression, two bankruptcies and a suicide attempt. Suzy says that she is now 75% about her spiritual journey, and 25% entrepreneur. She puts all her success down to investing in her spiritual path. Suzy knows that money is simply energy and by focusing on your energetic state, abundance in all areas of your life naturally follows: your energetic state improves, and you will lead an Alive as Shit life. She wants every person to know that they already have everything inside of them to make their dreams come true.